Foothills must make repairs to irrigation ditch

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Water irrigates Meadows Golf Club and Easton Park

By Ramsey Scott

A ditch that carries water to irrigate two Foothills Parks & Recreation District properties was damaged by snow runoff this spring, and a repair bill may be looming.

A 70-foot section of the Bergen ditch system that supplies water to The Meadows Golf Club and Easton Regional Park failed at the beginning of May. The heavy snow at the beginning of the month, coupled with the usual water flow, caused part of the ditch to be washed out, said Ron Hopp, Foothills executive director.

The cost to repair the system is still unknown.

“The two options are to either put dirt back and reshape the ditch, or to … put some diameter of pipe to run through the ditch so we wouldn’t have this issue again with this ditch,” Hopp said. “It’s like apples and oranges with (comparing) those two costs.”

The system is run by the Bergen Ditch and Reservoir Co., which provides non-potable water to company shareholders. Foothills holds an 84 percent share of the water supplied. That means Foothills will also have to pay for 84 percent of the repair costs, Hopp said.

Foothills also controls two of the three seats on Bergen’s board of directors, Hopp said. That means a decision on repairs will be made largely by Foothills. He said any repairs would need to be finished by the end of the year to avoid construction during the winter.

The district has enough water in the two Bergen Reservoirs near West Bowles Avenue and C-470, and in Hine Lake, to meet the watering needs for both properties this year, Hopp said, but looking ahead to next year, the system needs to be repaired sooner rather than later.

“We need that system in place for delivery of water in spring of 2014,” Hopp said.

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