For me, New Game Plus is as superfluous as raisins in an apple strudel •

Well, you can argue about raisins in apple strudel, because they just belong there. But New Game Plus mode is not an obvious mode that belongs in every game for me. Even more: For me it is superfluous! Make no mistake: Live and let live. I don’t mind if there is a New Game Plus mode in the game, I never use it and I don’t mind if it’s missing. But apparently some voices in the trade press think there should be deductions in the final rating for a missing New Game Plus feature. A major gaming magazine gave Callisto Protocol a rather average rating, but commented negatively that there is no New Game Plus mode. Apparently the review was so strong that this feature is now being postponed. But why would you want to play a game that has been rated as average again? I’ll tell you why I find the New Game Plus mode completely superfluous in general and why its absence is not a complaint for me.

New Game Plus distorts the taste of gaming

Do you remember the most surprising moments you have encountered throughout your video game career? For example, does the story twist in God of War Ragnarök or The Last of Us Part II? If you haven’t spoiled yourself beforehand, you’ll usually be surprised by such story-heavy games halfway through or experience a dramatic finale. And even the death of an important character leaves only a few chills. The best stories are pure roller coasters of emotion. For me, such stories only ignite the first time. When the credits flicker across the screen, I’m either lying broken in a puddle of tears on the floor, or I’m in a completely different hemisphere, cheering for the sky. I review the game and think about what happened. In a New Game Plus run, such feelings could no longer be conveyed for me.

Just fed up with the game

I find New Game Plus particularly useless for games that have been playing for a very long time anyway. We currently live in an age where critical time is part of everyday life and one game success is chased by the next. This makes it difficult to play all the games you plan to play anyway. What is New Game Plus anyway? New Game Plus, often NG+ for short, is a mode in which the story and game world are reset to the beginning after the first playthrough. But unlike when we actually restart a game, here we tend to keep some gear and abilities from our first run. In return, the level of difficulty is often increased. For example, there is absolutely no need to introduce a New Game Plus mode. Playtime for the pure main story is 102 hours here. ONE HUNDRED AND TWO HOURS! With a playtime of 12 hours per week, that translates to a time of 8.5 weeks, or just over two months. So why would I want to replay the game and invest another two months just to replay the title?

Collect every collectible ingredient

In terms of gameplay too, no game would tempt me to the point of having to play it again. Often the gameplay is just a means to an end so you can experience the story to the end. I remind many of Death Stranding, which many have jokingly referred to as a package delivery simulator. Imagine if such a game had a New Game Plus mode. Would you seriously want to play the title again? The only reason that gives me legitimacy to experience a game a second time is collecting collectibles. Again, I’d hate to replay the full game just to pick up missed items. A good alternative here is to offer individual chapters to replay, so you don’t have to redo weeks of work in the same game. So tell me: how do you see it? Do you find the New Game Plus mode equally superfluous or do you use it regularly? Can you understand this fascination? What are your reasons for doing this? Imaging: God of War Ragnarok, Sony, Sony Santa Monica

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