For Metal Gear producer Noriaki Okamura, ‘long awaited’ is the key word for 2023 –

Konami formalized the extensive plans for Silent Hill this year. It was more than fans could have dreamed of. But those who were Metal Gear inclined got nothing. Rumors of a revival of the series at Konami are just as old (and persistent) as those on Silent Hill. In a huge interview at the end of the year, Japanese company Famitsu interviewed 141 well-known developers from various studios and publishers. about their ambitions for the new year. As always, the interesting answers, although often not very concrete, were numerous… Noriaki Okamura also spoke on behalf of Konami. Okamura worked with Hideo Kojima on a variety of games at Konami including Zone of the Enders, Policenauts and also produced many Metal Gear games. He was also involved in Metal Gear Solid V as Associate Director and Production Manager, however, it is now pure speculation if his brief answer in the Famitsu refers to Metal Gear. But at least Okamura has to deal with an interpretation this way. “Long-awaited” – that is its key word for 2023. “Different from [das letzte Jahr] 2023 will be a year of many announcements! Stay tuned ! Okamura is quoted as saying in the Famitsu. It’s quite possible that it doesn’t just or maybe not mean Metal Gear at all. But after all the Silent Hill rumors have been confirmed, Metal Gear’s chances are of course all the better.via Gematsu, Images: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Konami

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