Front Range Christian’s Meghan Sloan excelling in both sport and academics

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By Alissa Noe

Every so often, a student-athlete comes around who seems like she can do it all. At Front Range Christian, that three-sport athlete is senior Meghan Sloan.

For the past four years, Sloan has played soccer, basketball and volleyball for the Falcons while participating in the fall play, the spring musical and student council. She currently serves as a captain for all three teams.

“She’s been fantastic,” athletic director and head girls soccer coach Eric Osberg said. “She’s been a constant, I guess you could say.

“She’s always been there all season in season. ... She’s always there for practice for soccer and then she goes into the musical for that practice. She’s all over the place. She’s a constant that all the girls draw from.”

On top of her athletic prowess and all her extracurriculars, Sloan excels in the classroom as well, challenging herself with AP and CCP (college credit plus) courses.

In her final year in high school, she’s taking AP literature and AP calculus.

It’s all about time management, and she joked that she’s allergic to free time.

“(Commitment) is kind of hard because I want to do everything,” Sloan said. “The school is really great to work with, and they let me do everything, so I think it might be a little more difficult because not everyone is always so understanding when you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m going to miss the first week of practice so that I can be in the play.’

“Also, it’s just made me work harder within all of (the activities) because maybe I will miss one practice, but that doesn’t mean I can come in like, ‘Oh, I don’t know how to do this.’ I have to work harder to learn the drills that we learned the day before.”

She’s been no stranger to staying up late to finish her homework or using her free periods in school and her weekends to get ahead. At home, she’s always working on new moves that she learns in practice to enhance her skills on the court and field.

As team captain, she always tries to set a good example for her teammates, even though she’s not the most vocal leader.

“I would say encouragement is the biggest one for me because you’re on the court and you get to know the people around you, but you’re also being coached.

“Sometimes when stuff isn’t going well and you can’t make the basket or something, that encouragement from someone that everyone looks up to really helps on that.”

She’s become someone that Osberg and her other coaches can rely on to pick the team up when they’re down. She’s become invaluable.

“She’s tiny in stature, but she’s huge in heart in everything,” Osberg said. “She’s feisty.”