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Shortly before the release of strategy RPG Disgaea 7 in Japan, developer Nippon Ichi Software released more screenshots from the video game and shared details. There’s a new trailer for that.

The basic game

Before a new battle, the story is told as an event involving multiple characters. If you emerge victorious from the battle, the next story arc will be unlocked. As the story progresses, more characters will join your party and new items will be activated. The plot deals with the renewal of the world. In order to overthrow the Oedo shogunate, the two heroes Fuji and Piririka embark on a journey. They meet new friends and, of course, many enemies. Before a fight begins, you select the participants of your party who should take part in the battle. Each character, in turn, can move to a certain extent on the playing field and perform an action. You decide whether the fighter performs a normal attack, uses magic, uses a special attack, or lifts or throws another party member. By throwing comrades, greater distances or height differences can be overcome.

A huge show

The process discussed so far is known to fans of the series. However, Disgaea 7 features a new item, “Dodeka MAX”. The characters become giants. In this state, the characters leave the map and stand next to it. Opponents can also accept this powerful state.Your base in this game is a ship with which you can achieve new goals in the underworld. On this ship there are important facilities that facilitate your adventure, such as a shop, the hospital, access to the object world and other options to create additional characters for your party, display data or accept quests. rooms. The player has the choice to purchase a Season Pass or purchase the respective DLC individually. In the DLCs, well-known main characters from previous parts of the series appear, who experience a new adventure with the new group. These characters include Laharl, Etna, Rozalin, Adell, Seraphina, Fuka, Mao, Desco, Axel, Valvatorez, Fenrich, Flonne, Killia, Melodia, Raspberyl, Usalia and Artina. January 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. The announcement for the west seems like a formality, but nothing is official yet.

The new trailer

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