Ginrou to Miko or Mawaru Nanatsu Boshi for Switch and PS4 •

Developer RideonJapan has announced the new strategy RPG Mercenaries Lament: Ginrou to Miko o Mawaru Nanatsu Boshi (Mercenaries Lament: Silver Wolf and the Seven Stars of the Maiden) for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Switch version is set to release in Japan on the 9th february. However, no date has yet been given for the release of the PlayStation 4 version. The title is the seventh installment in the Mercenaries saga series and takes over the system functions of the previous installments, but is also intended to add new elements. to the series.

The parcel

Several years have passed since a mysterious epidemic suddenly ravaged the continent. Plague victims have become living corpses, zombies. In this state, these beings will attack the last survivors. To protect the people, mercenaries spend their days hunting and killing zombies. Johan is the leader of the Silver Wolf Company and one day meets a man who calls himself the Grim Reaper. Johan narrowly escapes his blade and survives this encounter. However, an ominous prophecy is spoken: “After 100 days, when the omen is strongest, inevitable death will come.” Johan manages to drive the Grim Reaper away. As if this meeting were not enough, a young lady appears. It is said that this damsel can cure plague victims with her arts. Was meeting the Grim Reaper just a nightmare for Johan after suffering from the disease himself? Together, the two travel through the plague-ravaged kingdom to face a deadly fate. via Gematsu, Images: Mercenaries Lament, RideonJapan

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