God of War Ragnarök and Need for Speed ​​Break Germany Sales Milestones

As always, the gaming industry association presented last month’s Game Sales Awards mid-month. As expected, some titles managed to break the next sound barrier in December, including God of War Ragnarök, which was missing from the November rating. At that time, there were no prizes at all. Today you skip the gold price and there is the platinum price for 200,000 units sold in that country. Overall winners were: God of War Ragnarök – Platinum (200,000 units) EA SPORTS F1 22 – Platinum Need for Speed ​​Unbound – Gold (100,000 units) NBA2K23 – Gold The Quarry – Gold Tiny Tina’s Wonderland – GoldData is based on surveys by GfK Market Research. Unlike GfK’s weekly sales charts, Game Sales Award surveys also include digital sales reported by publishers. Imaging: God of War Ragnarok, Sony, Sony Santa Monica

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