HBO series ensures extreme sales boost for video game remake –

Do you remember the controversy around the remake of The Last of Us? Useless, found many fans. We mentioned in a June 2022 article why the remake was a good idea, especially for Naughty Dog. HBO’s The Last of Us series has been around for a few days now and sales of the video games started after Consequence first aired which skyrocketed. . UK sales of The Last of Us: Part I have increased by 238%. Sales of The Last of Us Remastered even soared 322% Only retail numbers are included here, no digital sales. It is to be expected that this will not be a flash in the pan. Popular series sometimes manage to increase the number of viewers. The brand would be accessible to even more people. March is also the release of The Last of Us Part I for PC. Images: The Last of Us Part I, Sony, Naughty Dog

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