HBO series sometimes steals the show •

In a few days, the HBO series The Last of Us, an adaptation of the video game of the same name, will start. On January 15, 2023, things will also start here in Germany. Many major US media were allowed to preview the first episodes and published their opinions. VGC garnered some votes. Variety calls the series a “promising and moving zombie saga” and thinks the series could be among the best on television in the near future. Digital Spy is a bit more euphoric, calling the series “the first contender for Best Series of the Year.” Alright, the year is still pretty young, it’s also mentioned that the series would make some changes to the game’s story. Diehard purists might not like that, but the series would overcome it. Empire called The Last of Us “by far the best adaptation ever”. The cornerstone of this would be to retain elements that work while “while having the confidence to innovate and expand the universe.” Something that “stands on its own two feet”. These are very positive voices overall, but there are also criticisms. Entertainment Weekly finds The Last of Us can’t decide if it’s an adaptation or a remake. Some are “completely altered”, other scenes are “faithfully recreated”. It creates a sense of re-enactment of someone else’s game. TV Guide finds “the story rushed at times”. The series would have benefited from a perspective beyond the source material. The Washington Post thinks the series stays true to the game and “hits just as hard”. Small changes are called “changes for changes.” “When I compare the two stories and the artistic choices that were made to differentiate the series from the game, I must admit: the HBO version sometimes steals the show”, concludes Gene Park in the Washington Post. Pictures: The Last of Us, HBO Max, Naughty Dog

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