In the interview! Tactics Ogre producer Hiroaki Kato doesn’t want to give up the SRPG genre •

The SRPG genre was once prominent, but today it is relatively unpopular. The reasons for this are various. Sure, tastes have changed on the one hand, but on the other hand, maybe it’s the SRPG genre that hasn’t evolved enough: “The strategy RPG genre has definitely matured and reached a kind of board in terms of game systems.” , Hiroaki Kato tells us. He just relaunched a 27-year-old SRPG with Tactics Ogre: Reborn. Considering the level of popularity, completing this project shouldn’t have been as difficult as creating a new SRPG brand. Most of today’s new SRPGs have their origins on Kickstarter and only a few manage to generate the attention they deserve and lead to sales success. They mostly stay in their niche, I guess you could say that. “Players get bored easily and turn away from this type of game if you keep using the same presentation styles they’ve seen before. I also think that might be a reason why there haven’t been so many games released lately,” Kato believes. But Kato doesn’t want to give up on the genre. Triangle Strategy, which has now sold more of a million copies, proves that classic SRPGs can reach those numbers so someone manages to retain the beauty of the accepted and orthodox forms of the genre while finding a new way to present it,” Kato continues. that he can offer something here himself. “I’m not going to offer specific ideas on how to achieve this, but rest assured that I’m doing my best to find out!” Artwork: Tactics Ogre: Reborn , Square Enix

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