In the restaurant where the accident happened, no one helped him: even the rescuer made a clear statement about the sad death of the famous Marek Malina

The story gone wrong once again reminds us how often we are inattentive to our surroundings, and we all take care of ourselves. The departure of the famous Czech has not only affected his loved ones and friends, but is a sad reminder of how we are today as a society.

The sad departure of Marek Malina: No one helped him…

Son of billionaire Tomáš Malina, Jakub (†35) was a former footballer and a well-known personality in the Czech Republic. He also moved through show business waters, dated famous beauties, had many star friends, and enjoyed life to the fullest. But it all ended in an instant. In a well-known restaurant in Prague, an accident occurred two weeks ago, during which Jakub choked on meat. According to the editors of, none of those present apparently noticed him at first, and then no one helped him either. An ambulance arrived on the scene, which was eventually called, and although Jakub’s heart still restarted, after two weeks of artificial sleep, Jakub Malina died. Photo gallery Eliška Bučková, Jakub Malina, April 18, 2013 at Infinity music bar, Prague Source: Profimédia

Could it have ended differently? A well-known lifeguard also spoke

New and new details constantly surface, speculation as to whether the ambulance arrived too late, what else could have been done, but the truth is that no one helped the young man in time and it has become his destiny. Famous emergency doctor, paramedic and influencer Marek Dvořák also commented on the situation, which many people have turned to for advice, and he tried to respond to it in his post as follows: “…Jakub is choked on food in a restaurant in the center of Prague Thanks to the extreme efforts of his colleagues in the ambulance and hospital care, it was possible to restore his circulation, but then he lost his battle – his body has been without oxygen for a very long time. Jakub was a young, healthy, smart, lively, kind boy, helping a lot of people. You go get a steak and you don’t come home… So s Please allow this advice (and the comments below) only in good faith and with respect and humility for an extinguished young life Rarely is anyone seen in the ambulance choking on food Either we arrive and this patient talks to us because someone already helped him, or we start resuscitating him. If someone is choking to the point that no air molecules can enter their lungs, it only takes tens of seconds before they lose consciousness and another few seconds before their heart stops. an ambulance won’t be with you in a minute. Someone has to call, they have to come, get things out of the car and come to you. First aid for lay people is essential. So what to do? – a person is choking and coughing: help them cough, don’t hit or beat them, just wait to see what happens and support them – if they are conscious but no longer have force to cough or can not breathe and cough – hit him between the shoulder blades. But give it a real “shit”! It has to be such a bomb that you explode a piece of meat from a 2 cm diameter tube, without stroking it. Try this 5 times in a row. If that’s not possible, get behind him and press down hard on his upper abdomen with both hands. Again with such intensity that it is effective – it’s his last chance… Watch our video of the rescuer, this procedure also applies to adults: – if the person in question has already lost consciousness, start resuscitation – at the same time, ask someone to call an ambulance – if you need it, it’s a good idea to put your fingers in the person’s mouth and look for food like that, know that that’s not a good idea – you’ll just stick it deeper and get bitten. .. – that’s all, that’s how you’re going to get out of it. And even if not, I promise you that we will get there as soon as possible…” summed up doctor Marek Dvořák, who last year appeared on the list of influential influencers in the Czech Republic: Diva .sk Influencers have also collected prizes from our neighbors, the star is only Dominique Alagia, 17 years old!…

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