Incredible transformation! Besky has now revealed her simple trick, thanks to which she lost such weight

Slovak Veronika Beskydiarová has achieved great success in our country. Last year she became the winner of the cooking show Masterchef and since then she has been one of the biggest stars in the foodie world. In the competition, she became famous with the nickname Besky and her great sense of combining interesting tastes. Now she surprised her fans for the second time. In recent months, she managed to go through a big transformation and from chubby to a sexy beauty, see her transformation in the photos:

Masterchef’s Besky revealed a simple trick that helped her lose weight

Veronika has already entered this competition with fuller curves. As she has admitted in interviews in the past, like many other people, she too had a problem during the pandemic. She suddenly stopped, spent most of her time at home, and started gaining weight because of it. This trend continued even after the Masterchef contest. At that time, she had other priorities, she was overwhelmed with work, so she didn’t deal with that sort of thing. But later came a twist. Besky decided to do something with her character, which she managed to accomplish fantastically. Today, this smart cook already has her dream figure, which she gained through honest training and a change in diet. Photo gallery Veronika Beskydiarová Source: Instagram: besky.vero

She also managed to lose weight thanks to cardio

When other women saw how she managed to lose weight, they automatically wanted to know her recipe. So Besky shared it on social media. She honestly admitted that she needed to push herself and start doing exercises she didn’t really like. Because of this, she found a great trick, which she managed to change. “Let’s talk a bit. Every day my inbox is filled with the same questions. How did you do? What have you changed? Advise me. Well, I’m neither a coach nor a consultant, I’m just a girl who tried what has already been said X times. Calorie deficit and being consistent. I like sports. I have always played sports and participated actively in them. But then came covid, a special time in our lives that I hope will never happen again. I’m back now, feeling better. I believe that anyone who sincerely wants something, for their own good, can do anything. It’s just that he really can’t do it for his partner or for the company. » Photo gallery Veronika Beskydiarová Source: Instagram: besky.vero « Honestly? I hate stupid cardio. But it’s a big part of my training. And what helped me deal with this attitude? Surely you have a favorite series, show or podcast. And if you don’t have it, look for a lot…!! As soon as you do, it’s time to stop it at home/work/on public transport and allow yourself to continue only on stairs, belts, running boards. It’s a simple trick and trust me it will be easier for you. After these hundred hours, I am already a professional in criminal matters and the right hand of an investigator. …my message is simple, first they laugh at you, then they ask you why you actually do it and finally they need to know how you did it. So, my little ones, what makes a person a person is not the percentage of fat in his body. But you can’t lose weight with character,” she wrote on Instagram.

Find the right motivation

Like Veronika, you also need to find the right motivation to exercise. In the new year, many pledge to finally lose weight. But a few weeks and sometimes even a few days pass and suddenly their great determination and desire to change that fades. Therefore, it is very important that you reveal your weak points early on. And then invent tricks that will boost your motivation. For Beska, it was just listening to a podcast that inspired her to do even the unpopular cardio.

In addition to her success, she’s been through hell in her private life.

Winning the Masterchef contest was a big dream come true for Veronika. But while she smiled and beamed with happiness in front of the cameras, she didn’t do well in private. At that time, she was going through a crisis with her now ex-husband, which resulted in their divorce. “I was in a very interesting mental state because I was creating and meeting people in a program that I loved. I enjoyed it thoroughly and above all I did well in the competition. embarrassed because it wasn’t ideal there. I was ending a relationship that I thought would last forever, but I guess nothing lasts forever. I realized, “Besky, stand up for yourself and show the world what you know”. Photo gallery Veronika Beskydiarová Source: Instagram: besky.vero “And so it was. Now I create beautiful things and I think I’m good at it. I’m proud of myself and everything what’s bad is good for something,” she said in an interview with Voyo. Veronika was very sorry for not getting as much support from her partner as she needed. He loved cooking too, but he couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she had become a public figure. And it was precisely on this problem that their relationship finally fell apart. Check out more photos of Veronica:

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