Jazzercise teacher delivers

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Littleton resident finishes class despite impending arrival

By Deb Hurley Brobst

Pregnancy and exercise do mix.

Those words could not be truer for Littleton resident Katherine McDonald, who gave birth to her daughter Macy on Feb. 13. McDonald’s labor was short, and the most interesting part is how it all came about.

McDonald, 34, is a Jazzercise instructor at the Littleton Jazzercise Center. She’s been teaching for about a year, and the 9:15 a.m. class on Feb. 13 was going to be her last because her baby was due on Feb. 24.

McDonald told her class it would be more low-impact than usual, and as she was teaching the seventh routine, “Hey Mama” by Mat Kearney, her water broke. She wasn’t having any contractions, so she simply continued teaching.

McDonald told the class, which had about a dozen women in it, what had happened. During a strength routine, she told the class that her stomach kept tightening.

“Somone in class said, ‘That’s called a contraction.’ It was so funny,” McDonald said.

She finished class, went home, showered and packed a bag, and her husband drove her to Swedish Medical Center. Macy was born 25 minutes after McDonald got to her hospital room.

“It was surreal,” Katherine said. “It’s kind of a what-in-the-world-just-happened experience. It’s hard to believe that two hours before she arrived, I was teaching class. At the time, it seemed so normal.”

Macy weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces.

McDonald said it’s one of those experiences she won’t forget anytime soon.

“They were laughing with me at the hospital,” she said. “The nurses couldn’t believe it.”

McDonald attributes her good health during her pregnancy and short labor to Jazzercise. She said she didn’t know what to expect since the labor for Macy’s big brother, Tate, was induced. Tate is 22 months old. He was in the child-care room during the class.

McDonald is planning a visit to the Littleton Jazzercise Center soon to introduce Macy to her students, and she’s planning to return to teaching class in April.


Staff writer Deb Hurley Brobst is also a Jazzercise instructor. Contact her at deb@evergreenco.com or 303-350-1041.