Jury trial set for South Jeffco murder suspect

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By Deborah Swearingen

A jury trial has been scheduled for Jordan Lemarinel, a suspect in the 2017 murder of a Littleton man.

Lemarinel, 27, was arrested last May in connection with the death of Samuel Addison Stewart, a 26-year-old Dakota Ridge High School graduate and Littleton native. He pleaded not guilty in September to felony charges of first-degree murder and will return to court Feb. 16 for a pretrial readiness conference and then Feb. 28 for trial.

Stewart was found deceased in his white Ford Explorer on May 1 in the 11300 block of West Maplewood Drive in South Jeffco. Neighborhood residents noticed the unfamiliar car parked on the street and became suspicious when it didn’t move for several hours. Residents later approached the car and noticed someone who appeared to be unresponsive, according to the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office.

Days later, Lemarinel was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder in connection with Stewart’s death. He had previously been arrested on unrelated drug and illegal weapons possessions charges and remained in police custody until being arrested on the first-degree murder charge. At the time of his arrest, another warrant was issued for 55-year-old Kenneth Crise, who was apprehended nearly two weeks later by the Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force.

Stewart, known as “Addy” to close friends and family, had come to the Crise’s Littleton home — less than a mile from West Maplewood Drive — on his own. Investigators obtained surveillance video from Crise’s across-the-street neighbor that caught some of Stewart’s May 1 encounter with Crise and Lemarinel on tape.

On the tape, which was admitted into evidence but not shown in court due to its length, viewers can see Stewart arrive at Crise’s home and enter his garage. The garage door shuts and less than an hour later, Lemarinel carries Stewart out, puts him in the Ford Explorer and drives off. He returns on foot approximately 10 minutes later.

Crise and Lemarinel are currently being held at the Jefferson County Detention Facility and are ineligible for bond, according to Colorado courts documents. Each has his own team of public defenders. Though the two suspects have been tracking together thus far, they will be tried separately.

Crise will be in court for a Feb. 13 motions hearing. As of now, his jury trial is scheduled to begin March 14.

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