Kazuma Kujo doesn’t just want to announce a new disaster report in the new year –

In a massive year-end interview, Japan’s Famitsu asked 141 well-known developers from various studios and publishers about their ambitions for the new year. As always, there were lots of interesting, if often vague, answers, but Granzella’s Kazuma Kujo got pretty specific. He names two games he wants to announce in the coming year. One is a new ka keru manga and the other is a new disaster report. “Although I could not announce the next development for manga ka keru in 2022, I hope to have something new for 2023 can announce this title. A new Disaster Report title will definitely be announced in 2023 as well. I have intend to do whatever I can,” Kujo said. Manga Ka Keru is a game that allows players to create their own manga and publish it on the Internet using various tools. In particular, there is support for character design and even plot. Disaster Report is perhaps best known. The latest game in the series for now, Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories, had a long development history, which was also noticeable in the game in many places. Disaster Report 5 has also been in the works since 2020. This year, Kujo only confirmed again that Disaster Report 5 will be an open-world game. He also revealed that Part 5 would take place between the first two episodes of the series, specifically three years after the first fall game. Natsumi Higa’s appearance is also confirmed. In Famitsu, Kujo only talks about the announcement of a new disaster report. But it’s probably Disaster Report 5, for which there were details here and there, but which has not been officially announced. via Gematsu, Images: Disaster Report 4: Memories of Summer, NIS America, Granzella

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