Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link’s first in-game screenshots show you the world –

The Kingdom Hearts Missing Link beta test has begun in Japan, and Square Enix has released new details about the mobile game. Above all, we see the first screenshots in the game. The new details relate to movement in the game. You can choose between GPS movement and pad movement. With GPS movement, the character moves as you move. Like in Pokémon GO, for example. You can earn AP along the way, and battles can be fought hands-free. With the movement of the pad, you guessed it, you move the character with a virtual pad. These control options are also at the start of the beta test. As announced, we would like to gradually expand the test with more content. Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is a brand new game for iOS and Android devices. The game was originally announced alongside Kingdom Hearts IV. Square Enix calls it a “location-based action RPG” – it will take you to the worlds of Scala ad Caelum in the real world. via KHinsider, Artwork: Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, Square Enix

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