Launch Trailer Celebrates Today’s Release

After the Warriors offshoots, Fire Emblem fans can look forward to a classic tactical RPG once again with Fire Emblem Engage. Nintendo celebrates the release with the traditional launch trailer. You can find a standard version on Amazon*, and there’s also an expansion pass. If you’re still unsure, our media response might help.

The fight for Elyos begins

Every 1000 years, legendary heroes, called Emblems, grant incredible power to whoever possesses the 12 Emblem Rings. As the time for this ritual approaches, Alear – the wyrm god of prophecy – awakens to find the rings and bring peace. But Sombron – the demon dragon and sworn enemy of the wyrm god from ancient times – has also awakened and seeks the rings for his own evil request. Only Alear and those bound to the wyrm god stand between Sombron and total annihilation…

The launch trailer

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