Let It Die is not dead but needs a break •

Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment and developer Supertrick Games released Deathverse: Let It Die, a free-to-play multiplayer survival action game for PlayStation and Steam last fall. Now, however, it had to be announced that the project is set to be temporarily suspended from July 19. This is due to technical issues. “We sincerely apologize for encountering various issues since the game was released, including long matchmaking due to player count, lag, etc. We have taken various countermeasures, but since some issues cannot be fundamentally resolved despite some improvements, we have decided to temporarily halt the service and start development again,” explains the unusual procedure. Ending Feb. 8 in-game currency sale, Season 2 content will still be released as scheduled. However, Season 3 will only partially receive the intended content.Supertrick Games employs former members of Grasshopper Manufacture, who once developed Let It Die.Set hundreds of years after the events of Let It Die, Deathverse brings players in the world of the hit reality show Death Jamboree.The stage is an uninhabited island covered in SPLithium.An essential power source for the Deathverse era. Images: Deathverse: Let It Die, GungHo Online Entertainment, Supertrick Games

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