Locavore hops to its local mission

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Newest Littleton brewery focuses on area businesses, ingredients

By Cat Elsby, For the Courier

For the locals, by the locals — that was the vision of owners Jason Reinhardt and Andy Nelson when they decided to open a brewery, Locavore Beer Works, in Littleton.

The aim of Locavore, which opened its doors on Saturday, Nov. 15, is to support local businesses as much as possible and promote local companies, Reinhardt said. Names of the brewery’s business partners appear on the beer menu, and the tables were made by a local craftsman.

Local ingredients

Although the brewery has to outsource for grains, Reinhardt and Nelson use local hops and spices to brew their specialty beers. And despite being open for only a short time, Locavore is on its way to becoming a staple in the tight-knit Littleton community.

The first week of business was “busy and tiring, yet exhilarating,” said Reinhardt. He said the brewery already has regulars who visit on a nightly basis, and the staff is starting to learn their names. Reinhardt is hoping the brewery will become a “local hot spot,” with residents walking, biking and even driving golf carts to the establishment at 5950 S. Platte Canyon Road.

Locavore is the first brewery in the Littleton Business District and the second in the town, behind 38 State Brewing, which opened in May. The lack of breweries in the area is what lured Reinhardt to Littleton.

“Littleton was a beer desert and was highly populated,” said Reinhardt. “We wanted to bring beer to the people so they didn’t have to drive all the way to Denver.”

And with 12 to 16 beers on tap at all times, the owners are accomplishing their goal. The beers have quirky names such as “Lil’ Dirty Blonde” and “Oncorhynchus T IPA,” but all are carefully and specially brewed. Every Thursday night, two new casks are tapped for “live ale Thursday.”

Career hopping

Reinhardt is excited to finally be sharing his love of brewing and beer with the community. Prior to approaching Nelson last year with the idea of opening a brewery, Reinhardt was a longtime chemist but had been home-brewing for 19 years. He said he was jumping among multiple jobs as a chemist and one day just decided he was done. The idea of Locavore was born in October 2013, and they signed their lease in March.

Reinhardt and Nelson decided on the name “Locavore Beer Works” because being a “locavore” involves a type of diet in which the person eats/drinks from local sources. However, you won’t find Locavore serving its own food.

“We’re a brewery, not a restaurant,” Reinhardt said.

But menus still sit on the tables from Rocky Mountain Catering next door, from which guests can order food delivered right to their tables.

Reinhardt said he and Nelson want to maintain their primary focus: providing great beer.

“We want to serve good beer, and we want to be nice and cool to everybody.” 

Locavore Beer Works

What: Craft brews, with food available from Rocky Mountain Catering

Where: 5950 S. Platte Canyon Road

When: Hours are Monday through Wednesday from noon to 9 p.m., Thursday from noon to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.