Lockout lifted at South Jeffco schools

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Inaccurate information caused unnecessary measure, Sheriff's Office says

By Emile Hallez

Stony Creek Elementary School was evacuated Thursday about 1:20 p.m. after staff contacted police about a suspicious man entering the school.

The man, who was carrying a backpack, walked into the school without checking in at the main office, said district spokeswoman Lynn Setzer. After being contacted by staff, the man said he needed to relieve himself, she added, and he was escorted to the faculty’s restroom.

Shortly after, a staff member noticed a ceiling tile out of place in the restroom and could not recall whether the man left the building with his backpack, Setzer said. The school was then evacuated at the discretion of the sheriff’s office.

Though 25 South Jeffco schools were also placed on lockdown, meaning no one could enter or exit the buildings, the information causing the increased security was apparently unsubstantiated.

“Some guy entered Stony Creek to use the bathroom,” said sheriff’s spokesman Mark Techmeyer. “There’s no criminal act. We are disassociating ourselves from it.”

Police located the man in question, Setzer said, noting that he had his backpack with him.

The lockouts were lifted at 1:45 p.m., said schools spokeswoman Melissa Reeves.

Stony Creek students were moved across the street to Deer Creek Middle School, where they waited to be picked up by parents.


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