Lollipop Chainsaw director’s The Tower to be released in April –

Publisher Shueisha Games and developer Tasto Alpha have announced that The Tower: To the Bottom will now be developed as Arcana of Paradise: The Tower. At the same time, there is a delay to April 20, 2023. The game was originally scheduled for release in January. The name change is intended to provide better visibility and to represent the tarot card elements of the game. The delay is intended to allow Tasto Alpha to implement new content at launch, including leaderboards. In roguelike fashion, you and a group of kids climb the floors of the tower, encounter randomly generated enemies, and use your maps in real-time battles. An arduous journey awaits. Development is led by Tomo Ikeda, whose previous works include Lollipop Chainsaw (director) and Rule of Rose (planner) as well as Shadows of the Damned (boss designer). The character designer is Masaoki Shindo, mangaka of RuriDragon. Arcana of Paradise: The Tower will be released on April 20, 2023 on Switch and PC Steam.

The new trailer:

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