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Did You Know Gaming has released a new video for Zelda: Majora’s Mask, once again revealing new secrets you may not have heard of. Countless old developer interviews from Japanese trade magazines have been revisited for this. Most fans should have heard that each Majora’s Mask is “unique”. The constellation of stars in the sky is calculated from the player’s name. An old story that got around quite a bit in 2021. It’s probably less well known: Until halfway through development, an “adult mask” was planned that would turn Link into an adult. In the end, the mask was not found interesting enough. Link couldn’t have been stronger either. “Adult Link” is actually covered in artwork, which can be found in Hyrule Historia*, for example, but not all the details in the video are so trivial. It is well known that Majora’s Mask was developed on a very tight schedule. This resulted in a lot of pressure and overtime for Nintendo employees. It’s called crunch today and the media is much more critical of it than it was back then, according to Japanese magazines, the developers even immortalized themselves about it in the game. At that time, the crunch was still considered a necessary evil and had almost no negative connotation. Shigeru Miyamoto admitted it had been “a difficult year”. But “as long as it was done, it was acceptable.” Screenwriter Mitsuhiro Takano noted in interviews that “they put our feelings in the mouths of the people of Termina”. Some NPC comments appear in a whole new light. For example, a carpenter in the game says he still has to go to bed late and stay up all night. Would he be ready in time? At one point, the mayor says you shouldn’t tell your wife. According to Takano, it’s also a nod to work overshadowing personal life. According to Takano, even one of the most famous lines is related to this: “You have met a terrible fate”, says the mask salesman. Watch the interesting DYKG video here: By uploading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.
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