Manga Adaptation of Fantasy Show Announced

Manga adaptations of hit games are no longer uncommon these days. The Fire Emblem Engage fantasy epic should now have one. Responsible for this adaptation is Kazurou Kyou, who is responsible for series like Dead-end-Host, Himedoll!! and Houkago Idol. The Fire Emblem Engage manga prologue will be released in Saikyo Jump on February 3, 2023. The manga’s first chapter will then follow on March 3, 2023. More chapters will then be released at the rate of a month. Shonen Jump+ will release the first three chapters of the manga for free. All other chapters will then be available for free only three weeks after the respective release. After that, you have to pay it again.

The manga focuses on one genre

In the Fire Emblem Engage Switch game, the main character Alear is gender-selectable, but the manga only focuses on the male variant of the character. Nothing is known about the concrete story of the manga at this time, but we can assume that it will be based quite closely on the model of the game. Fire Emblem Engage is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

The official launch trailer

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