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The year 2022 is coming to an end and the team would like to present their games of the year to you for the seventh time this year. Each day until December 31, select team members will showcase three 2022 favorites as well as next year’s most anticipated titles – today it’s Marco’s turn. Marco’s games of the year rank 3: Forbidden Horizon West
With a beautiful game world, stunning graphics, dynamic gameplay, and an extremely well-written story, Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Forbidden West shines. As a tech enthusiast, a beautiful gaming world rarely leaves me speechless these days, but Horizon Forbidden West has really pulled out all the stops when it comes to the technical side. The game world also offers a lot to discover and again and again you find yourself wandering off the actual path or the currently active quest to take a secret or hiding place with you here and there. A well-rounded overall package and definitely one of the games you must have played in 2022. 2nd place: The Callisto Protocol
With The Callisto Protocol, developer Striking Distance Studios wants to revive the highlights of the Dead Space series and in my opinion they’ve done a masterful job. The incredibly dense atmosphere, the fantastic graphics and the extreme level of violence in the best Dead Space style make the game a real gore festival and a highlight for all fans of the horror genre. Here and there, the combat system could have been tweaked, but overall you can ignore those little flaws. A must have for all Dead Space and horror fans. Elden Ring
In my opinion, only a few games manage to create such an oppressive and dense atmosphere as is the case with Elden Ring from Japanese developer FromSoftware. The threat could lurk around every corner and yet you still feel the need to discover more of this incredibly beautiful and mysterious world. Extremely impressive boss battles are one of Elden Ring’s strengths, along with the gigantic game world. The extreme difficulty level is really overwhelming at first, but over time you get used to it and grow with the game. Elden Ring is the absolute benchmark in the Souls genre and one of the best titles I’ve seen since a long time. So an absolute must and my GOTY 2022.Most Wanted 2023With Starfield, developer Bethesda finally wants to raise the bar for the RPG genre to a new level. Starfield is a mash-up of Bethesda’s two flagship series Fallout and Elder Scrolls with a spatial setting and an incredibly vast game world that should be freely explorable. In addition to the infinite size of the game world, there should of course also be the typical RPG elements, such as a sophisticated level system, various skills and many crafting options. It should also be possible to create your own base and spaceship and even hire a crew. Of course, the story shouldn’t be overlooked either, and so Bethesda has announced that Starfield is expected to offer the longest and most sophisticated story among Bethesda titles of all time. At least for me, Starfield looks like a dream come true with almost endless possibilities and that’s why it’s for me my most wanted title of the year 2023. The whole JPGames team wishes you a Happy New Year 2023! Images: SIE, KRAFTON, FromSoftware

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