Morrison’s Holiday Bar keeps liquor license

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By Deborah Swearingen

After a lengthy discussion during its Aug. 21 meeting, the Morrison Town Board agreed to let the Morrison Holiday Bar keep its liquor license without any conditions.

Although liquor license renewals are generally administrative, the Holiday Bar had to come before the board of directors after Police Chief George Mumma brought forth concerns of incidents involving the downtown Morrison establishment. In recent months, the Holiday Bar had several interactions with the Morrison Police Department, including several DUIs where people said they had been at the Holiday Bar and a fight outside the bar.

Owner Dave Killingsworth said it’s a tough problem to combat, noting his staff often will cut people off and give them a glass of water or call a ride-hailing service only to have the person sneak away. Despite this, in an effort to help, Killingsworth held a meeting so Mumma could talk to his staff.

“The staff asked lots of questions, which I appreciated,” Mumma told the board. “I tried to convey to them that the police department is not their enemy. That we’re actually there to kind of help them out. And they should call us in the event that they have something going on where they think they need some assistance.”

The decision to allow the Holiday Bar to renew its liquor license didn’t come quickly. However, board members recognized the effort made by Killingsworth. Furthermore, if the problem persists the board has the authority to re-evaluate the decision.

“You know, he’s asked the chief to come in to speak to all his employees. He’s offered to give us his (TIPS — training for intervention procedures) certificates, although it won’t be a requirement to do so. He’s going to keep logs (of customers that have problems.),” said Mayor Sean Forey.

Upping court costs

Morrison Town Board is upping its court costs for defendants who enter a guilty plea, an admission of liability or no contest to an ordinance violation as well as those who fail to show up for a scheduled trial.

Instead of owing $25, defendants will now be required to pay $30.

Additionally, the town eliminated a $15 victim and witness surcharge fee that previously had been designated for very specific uses, including funding for a victim and witness assistance program and more.