Morrison noise ordinance outlines permitting process for amplified sound

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By Deborah Swearingen

Morrison Town Board approved a new ordinance that outlines a permitting process for those who want to “amplify sound at a stationary source.”

The ordinance will mostly affect Morrison residents who wish to have a party or event with amplified sound that exceeds what is currently allowed by the town’s noise regulations, according to Town Manager Kara Winters and Town Attorney Gerald Dahl. The ordinance outlines a process for receiving a permit to do so and is not for enforcement.

“You don’t need a permit if you’re not exceeding those noise limits,” Dahl said.

Some board members worried that the ordinance would have an effect on the downtown businesses with live music. However, staff maintained that it’s not the intention of the ordinance and said the businesses would not have a problem as long as they’re staying within current noise level regulations.

“In addition to that, the board has already given those places regulations that are just separate and only for those restaurants,” Winters said.

According to the ordinance, the application for a permit applies to those who desire to use or operate any loudspeaker, public address system, or other sound amplifying equipment at a stationary source. The permit can authorize use between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. of one day.

Those hoping to obtain a permit should file it with the town clerk and provide:

• The name, address and telephone number of both the owner and the user of the sound amplifying equipment.

• The physical address at which the sound amplifying equipment will be operated.

• The general description of the sound amplifying equipment which is to be used.

• Whether the sound amplifying equipment will be used for commercial or noncommercial purposes.

• The dates and times upon which the equipment is proposed to be operated.

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