Morrison voters reject proposal to rezone Red Rocks Ranch

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By Deborah Swearingen

In keeping with a September special election, Morrison voters rejected a proposal to rezone Red Rocks Ranch, a development planned for the northeast corner of Morrison Road and C-470, from planned development to commercial limited development.

Eighty-six voters (67.7 percent) were against the idea, while 41 voters (32.3) were in favor.

Tuesday's election could mark the last of the controversies surrounding the development of 309 acres of land in the Rooney Valley formerly known as Red Rocks Centre.

After months of public hearings and heated discussions, the Morrison Town Board in May approved a planned development zoning for the property and subsequently disconnected it from within town limits.
However, some Morrison voters were unhappy with the town board's decision and started two separate petitions — both of which received enough signatures to make it to the ballot.

In a special election held nearly two months ago, voters chose not to repeal the board's decision to rezone and disconnect.

 When all is said and done, Red Rocks Ranch could bring as many as 1,350 mixed-use residential units to the Valley with the availability for commercial uses on approximately 40 acres.