Naoki Yoshida doesn’t understand why fans believe in a PC version –

In the livestream, in which creative director Kazutoyo Maehiro also showcased his little pixel art foray into Final Fantasy XVI, Naoki Yoshida “commented” on a possible PC version of the game. November showed some scenes from Final Fantasy XVI, sub- titled quite clearly: “PS5 exclusive for six months”. This would, among other things, prevent Final Fantasy XVI from appearing on Xbox. With the fact that Final Fantasy VII Remake still hasn’t released on Xbox, but on PC, the following image has popped up for fans: Final Fantasy XVI could also be coming to PC six months after the PS5 release. The conclusion probably sped up a bit and reached Naoki Yoshida as well.

“rumors about a PC version”

“There are rumors of a PC version, but no one has said anything about a PC version coming out. Why are people expecting a PC version to come out six months later?” Yoshida asks on the stream. He encouraged fans to buy a PS5, but also smiled. You can probably assume that Yoshida knows exactly why people are hoping for a PC version. The statements shouldn’t be taken seriously. They were made as part of Final Fantasy XIV’s annual live stream, in which the developers play a few games of mahjong. that fans on the PC version are waiting for and leave the PS5 version aside. “We spent too much money,” Yoshida said during the stream, likely referring to the high development costs. But even that should probably be understood with a wink. PC version hasn’t been officially announced, but of course fans also remember 2020’s PlayStation 5 Showcase when a PC version “surfaced”. In the event trailer, there were the messages “PlayStation Console Exclusive” and “Also available on PC”. Watch the scene today. Final Fantasy XVI will be released for PS5 on June 22, 2023. Imagery: Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix

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