New bakery and cafe plays on sense of nostalgia

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By Deborah Swearingen

With the scent of freshly baked goods wafting through the air and nostalgic decor adorning the walls, stepping inside Rosie’s Wild Flour Bakery and Cafe feels a lot like walking into your grandmother’s kitchen.


And that is precisely what Anne Schade envisioned when planning her new business venture. In more ways than one, Rosie’s Wild Flour Bakery and Cafe, which opened in July, has been a long time coming for the South Jeffco resident.

“This is my little dream child here,” Schade said. “I think I drew my first restaurant when I was in high school.”

At Rosie’s Wild Flour, customers can choose from a daily selection of baked goods, including cookies, muffins, breads and brownies. Additionally, the bakery has a variety of sandwiches, biscuits, salads and more.

Although there’s a fairly consistent menu, the display case is filled with different items every morning. It’s largely based on what Schade feels like making when she arrives to work around 5 a.m., though she does take requests from customers.

“You know, that’s the fun of having your own place,” she said.

Longtime South Jeffco residents may know Schade from her 20-year stint at Gunther Toody’s Diner. Servers at the 1950’s-inspired diner go by a stage name. Schade was “Rosie.” Clearly, the name stuck.

“For 20 years people have been calling me Rosie,” she said with a smile. “When my own mom gave up and started calling me Rosie, I just figured that was it.”

At Rosie’s Wild Flour, Schade works alongside her son, Mikie Scheirer. However, working together is nothing new for this mother-son duo. The pair worked together at Gunther Toody’s, too.

Scheirer recognized his mother’s dream a long time ago and had no doubt she would one day make it happen.

“I had full faith in her the entire time,” he said. “I knew she could do it.”

Scheirer played a huge role in the success of Rosie’s, according to his mom. When she encountered troubles with contractors and plumbers, he jumped in to help and took on a large chunk of the remodeling himself.

Considering Rosie’s Wild Flour offers an abundant case of delectable treats to choose from, it may be tough to decide. But if one customer dining at the bakery on a recent Friday afternoon is to be believed, Schade’s peach cobbler is a must try.

“Boy, I tell you,” the man said as he walked out of the cafe. “That’s some of the best peach cobbler I’ve ever had. And I’m a connoisseur of fine peach cobbler.”

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