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Konami and IGN have teamed up to release a new Deep Dive video for Silent Hill 2 Remake today. They bring back concept artist Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka and to the table with producer Motoi Okamoto. A number of horror games have been released since Silent Hill, including many successful indie games inspired by Silent Hill. There were questions about how to re-profile Silent Hill as a brand, so the Silent Hill 2 Remake was central to the brand revival, because at the heart of Silent Hill would be psychological horror. As the interview progresses, it’s also about knowing where to put your hands. Masahiro Ito is responsible for combat design this time around and would love to revise it. It also means that monsters move and act differently. There was a lot of talk about the combat system at the time. The remake wants to respect the original design, but also add “fun” and new combat mechanics, according to Ito. The battles are “more interesting,” adds Okamoto. Alongside this, IGN also released a new interview with the creators, conducted by IGN Japan. Here, the creators – which is also why Ito and Yamaoka would likely be part of the video interview – try to allay fan concerns about the chosen studio Bloober Team being used to compensate for the graphical limitations of the time. I hope they take a look at all the finished graphics of the remake,” Motoi Okamoto said. “Bloober Team is great at recreating the atmosphere of the original and I think you can feel the horror even more so than in the original when you beat the game with a controller in your hands. Thanks to the latest technologies and the efforts of the Bloober team, we have embodied the retail atmosphere that players used to imagine, and I think it should be clear once you walk through the game rooms .”

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