New Fatal Fury is progressing well and SNK wants to create a new AAA brand •

In August, SNK announced a new game in the “Fatal Fury / Garou” series. The fighting series returns after more than 20 years. However, there hasn’t been more than a teaser trailer yet… In a huge interview at the end of the year, the Japanese company Famitsu asked 141 well-known developers from different studios and publishers about their ambitions for the new year. Prominent SNK developers also had their say. Yasuyuki Oda first reminded them that they were working on a new Fatal Fury and other new games. “Along with The King of Fighters XV updates, the team is working together on developing the new Fatal Fury and a few other titles. I look forward to SNK in the future,” Oda said. Nobuyuki Kuroki then gave an update on Fatal Fury: “Although we haven’t released much information about Fatal Fury yet, development is progressing well, so look forward to it.” , added Kuroki Kazuhiro Fujishige of SNK announces a new IP address with big words. “This year will mark the start of the development of a new IP that carries the grand vision of ‘making Japan a AAA title.’ of diverse talent,” Fujishige said. via Gematsu, Images: SNK

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