New trailer for Wizardry Variants Daphne introduces you to the world of dungeon RPGs –

Publisher Drecom and developer Studio 2PRO have released a new trailer for Wizardry Variants Daphne. The video introduces you to the debut of the classic dungeon RPG, which is set to be released worldwide for iOS and Android devices in early 2023. Once every 100 years, the abyss opens. It is a curse of death that engulfs the continent. A death-desiring wizard has devoured men and beasts, draping the world in despair. For millennia, the line of kings has sealed the abyss. But now the king is gone, and death is devouring the world moment by moment. Resistance is useless. All that remains is to sink. The similarity in name with the legendary Wizardry series is no coincidence, the new Wizardry Daphne variants are based on it. One of the most characteristic features of the old series is thus also adopted: the first-person perspective.

The new trailer:

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