NieR producer Yosuke Saito sees Web3 as a challenge and hopes for your support •

At the end of the year, Famitsu and Japanese website interviewed many top developers about their outlook for the new year. Yosuke Saito also answered the question about his ambitions for 2023. It’s one of those phrases that starts out interesting, continues in a big way, and ends in a small disaster. A roller coaster of emotions. Yosuke Saito has worked for Square Enix as a producer since the mid-1990s. In recent years, he has become known mainly for his joint projects with Yoko Taro. There is above all of course the NieR series, but also Voice of Cards. Some of their performances together have become iconic. “I’m busy with all kinds of things (I say this every year), but I’m working on something that will be a big surprise to everyone,” Yosuke Saito said. “I hope to meet new challenges, not only in games but also in Web3. Please continue to support me.” A big surprise from Yosuke Saito. New challenges, not only in games. Also …on web3. Ouch. Web3 is the “new idea” of the internet, which is blockchain-based and includes a decentralized, token-based economy. Square Enix only clarified plans and blockchain in the latest annual report.These plans occupy several pages in the presentation, they want to invest in blockchain and NFT technology.Just a few months ago, Square Enix unveiled the new project Symbiogenesis, an NFT game par excellence. investments before, especially in the Oasys and Blacknut blockchain. Is Yosuke Saito also in charge of a project? via Gematsu, Artwork: NieR Replicant version 1.22474487139…, Square Enix, Toylogic

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