Nintendo sparks speculation with bizarre email invite –

Do you know when Super Mario Odyssey was released? It was 2017. The year the Nintendo Switch was released. For a long time, Mario fans have been hoping for a new 3D Super Mario adventure on the Nintendo Switch. But after the reboot of Super Mario 3D World for Switch and given the advanced age of the console, it seems increasingly unlikely. However, an email from Nintendo to fans is now fueling speculation of a new Super adventure. Maria. As Insider Gaming reports, Nintendo sent a PR email to some fans about Super Mario Odyssey, telling them to play the game again. find out…maybe it’s worth getting back on board the Odyssey and starting the journey all over again. A user posted the email on Twitter. More to find out? The speculation has begun. Some see this as a hint of a sequel game based on Super Mario Odyssey, just as it did with the Galaxy games, but it would be rather unusual for Nintendo to tease new games in this way. Whether you just remember one of the evergreens and also want to use the momentum created by the Super Mario Bros. movie this year. Or what do you think?Images: Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo

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