Nintendo Switch Pro was planned, but those plans were scrapped –

Rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro are almost as old as the Switch itself, and the latest reports date back over two years. Things quieted down for a short time after Nintendo introduced the Switch Lite and later the Switch OLED. Things have gotten even calmer in recent months. The Switch will soon enter its seventh year and fewer and fewer experts believe in a “middle generation”. A technically barely better model would hardly be relevant given the increased distance from the competition. It is now true that new hardware has been on the horizon for a long time. Assuming there was a Switch Pro, various studios would already know. Because they have to develop the software for it. John Linneman of Digital Foundry is not only well versed in technology, but also has contacts with various developers. After a few conversations, he believes that the legendary “Switch Pro” was actually planned at one point, but that Nintendo is now aiming for a “true successor”. the middle generation, and it doesn’t seem like it now,” Linneman says, the next generation will be. I don’t think it will be 2023,” Linneman continued on the Inside Podcast. According to Linneman, Nintendo is probably a bit “nervous”. The reason for this is a now well-recognizable pattern, according to which a very successful generation is followed by a flop. What actually follows the Switch and the success of this new hardware – we’ll have to wait and see. via NintendoAll, Images: Nintendo

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