Nita the goose has met Harry and Sally

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

Nita the goose is lonely no more.

The 7-year-old goose, who lost her mate two months ago has found two new friends, a mated pair named Harry and Sally.

Harry and Sally also are white Chinese geese like Nita, and they came to Nita’s owners, Marie and George McLaughlin of Morrison, through a High Timber Times subscriber.

“She didn’t want her name used in the paper,” Marie said. The woman had rescued the two geese but she already had chickens, so she didn’t especially want the geese.

They set up a rendezvous in Marshdale about 10 days ago, and Nita has been a happy goose ever since.

“Nita’s so happy now,” Marie said. “Before she was so sad.”

Nita’s mate Pedro had died recently of natural causes. Nita’s plaintive honking could be heard as she called for Pedro, but he no longer answered.

Harry and Sally have sweet personalities, but they are young, about a year old. You can easily tell them apart because Harry has a very long neck, and Sally is more petite.

Marie named them after the main characters of the 1989 movie “When Harry Met Sally.”

“They have adjusted very quickly,” Marie said. “They get loving care here. I thought Nita wouldn’t accept them, but it’s been an easy adjustment. Nita’s not the third wheel, and she has somebody to talk to.”

Marie learned last week that Harry is very protective of his two girls. A High Timber Times photographer got a bit too close, and Harry took action. He latched on to the photographer’s pants with his beak and wouldn’t let go until Marie grabbed him from behind.

The McLaughlins have received about a dozen calls from people who were interested in Nita’s welfare since the first story appeared in the Times four weeks ago. They called to see how Nita was doing and to learn whether she had found companionship. Marie said two women even want to come to her house to meet the geese.

One person called to say she found a companion goose for Nita in Utah, and another sent word that she knew of someone in Fort Lupton with a gander.

Nita has been busy teaching Harry and Sally the routine in their pen. At night, when it’s time to go into their cage, she spreads her wings and herds them in the right direction.

“We enjoy them,” Marie said. “We didn’t mind taking two, and if something happens to Nita, then Harry and Sally will still be together.”


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