Now you can start the journey of self-discovery •

Developed by Mojiken Studio and distributed by Toge Productions, A Space for the Unbound is available now on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox and PC. The console version is distributed by Chorus Worldwide. Today you can still see the launch trailer.

A meteor that makes everything roll

In A Space for the Unbound you accompany teenagers Atma and Raya to Indonesia in the 90s. Possessing supernatural powers, the two embark on a journey of self-discovery – overcoming fear and depression will play an important role.An accident meteor awakens a mysterious force and brings with it a gigantic cat. Using their powers, you can peer into the minds of others, switch between the real and surreal worlds, and uncover the mysteries of the city and its people. This could prove important in saving the collapsing world.

Today’s launch trailer

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