Octopath Traveler II features Ochette and Castti in the video •

Square Enix today released a new trailer for Octopath Traveler II. The video introduces us to two others of the eight protagonists of the game. They are the huntress Ochette and the pharmacist Castti. With Ochette you start on the island of Toto’haha. In order to save your homeland from disaster, you finally embarked on a journey. Like any character, Ochette has two path actions: provoke by day and befriend by night. The story of Castti Florence begins in the port country. You’re adrift at sea and you can’t even remember your name. His path actions are Investigate during the day and Deal at night. The video also shows what the story structure of Octopath Traveler II looks like. You have a lot of freedom and can also tackle side stories. In addition, the stories of the protagonists intersect. Explore Solistia, a vibrant new world full of adventure, where diverse cultures thrive and industries thrive. It’s up to you where you go, what you do there and the stories you live. Embark on your own personal adventure. On February 24, 2023, Octopath Traveler II will be released worldwide on Switch, PlayStation, and Steam. Fans have already received an exclusive Collector’s Goods Box at the Square Enix Store. If you want a little less, the Amazon-exclusive Steelbook Edition might suffice.

The new character trailer:

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