One of the most beautiful couples in our show business: They just wanted to say thank you, they revealed more!

It will suit them together, when will they also say yes? Some really thought it was their wedding… They just wanted to say thank you for the good times of the wedding, revealing that there is still a spark between them years later! One of the most popular and stable couples in our show business is having a wonderful time. Diana Hágerová and Roman Juraško are the parents of two children. The presenter is still on maternity leave, but despite this, she and her companion still find time for themselves and for their romantic moments. They bragged about a memory of such a moment on social media:

Diana Hágerová and Roman Juraško at a colleague’s wedding

In October, the famous radio presenter Vlado Varecha got married. Besides his family, several of his friends were also present at the big party. One of the most beautiful Slovak showbiz couples appeared among them. Diana Hágerová and Roman Juraško were also on the guest list. After a few weeks, the presenter Marquis added some photos, with which she remembered this beautiful event. “It was an evening we will remember for a long time. Thanks again Vlado and Paťka,” Diana wrote in her post. After a long time, they had the chance to go somewhere as a couple. Even in the published footage, you could see how much fun they had there that night, that they were in a great mood, and that’s why Hágerová remembered it so fondly. Photo gallery Roman Juraško and Diana Hágerová Source: Instagram: dihager

A love that sparkles even after years

In some photos, Diana and Roman appeared with the newlyweds. But everyone was even more drawn to the photos, in which there are only the two. In the first, they pose in front of decorative sets. In an embrace and with a happy smile, it was unmistakable how good they felt and how strong the bond was between them, even after years since they met. However, even more beautiful images were created at a time when the two didn’t even know it. The photographer even caught them dancing, as they hug and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. The spark between them is still very strong and the honest looks in their eyes only testify to the beauty of their relationship and the fact that they are truly a destined couple. Not only did they get along in private, but they were also a perfect match at work. From then on, their fans think that they will soon see them again in front of the cameras. Photo gallery Roman Juraško and Diana Hágerová Source: Instagram: dihager

Perfect match with clothes

They transferred the symbiosis of their relationship to their choice of dress. Even from this point of view, Hágerová and Juraško were a perfectly matched couple. Naturally, Diana attracted the most attention. She wore an orange dress with a floral pattern. They had long sleeves, an exposed back and a looser fit. Her face looked romantic, and that impression was reinforced by her hairstyle. Roman chose a black suit with a larger pattern. He complemented it with a tie in an orange hue, which went well with Háger’s dress. Both were among the most beautiful couples at the wedding and received many compliments from fans on social media. Photo gallery Roman Juraško and Diana Hágerová Source: Instagram: dihager

There was also a romantic Christmas confession

Diana also added a beautiful post a few days ago. Our favorite showbiz couple has already listened to the festive mood. They put traditional Christmas hats on their heads and again photographed each other in front of the tree with a romantic gaze full of love. “All I want for Christmas is you, Roman. But without this merger,” the presenter wrote. After the popular Christmas hit, she once again beautifully confessed her feelings to him. She didn’t even forgive a comment about her appearance. Juraško joined the November promotion, in which men grow beards to draw attention to the importance of prostate cancer prevention. See more photos of Roman and Diana:

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