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Read petitions carefully before signing


My home is in Morrison. I absolutely love living here and greatly appreciate the amazing views, the teeming wildlife and the beautiful open spaces. I was born and raised here on the Front Range, and feel very fortunate to be able to call Colorado my home. I would guess that you feel just as fortunate and, like me, feel very protective of our wonderful community.

That is why I am writing to you today. I get frustrated and irritated when I see out-of-state signature collectors asking me, my friends and neighbors to sign impossible-to-understand petitions that would permanently change our Colorado Constitution. The fact is that many of these measures would have devastating impacts on our economy and our mountain community. Without even realizing it, voters could put initiatives on the ballot that could eliminate tens of thousands of jobs, cost school districts millions of dollars in funding, and result in significant tax increases. All because they didn’t understand what they were signing.

I am asking that all of us take the time to carefully read any petition you are asked to sign. The consequences for me and you — intended and unintended — could be huge. Thank you.

DeLynne Barrow, Morrison