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Hold off on development in Rooney Valley
A letter to the Jeffco commissioners:
The finality and tragedy of the Three Dinos and their plans for  
development continues to loom ever closer. How reprehensible for current policies to allow the destruction of this unique and intrinsically valuable site. It will stand in perpetuity, as the ruling by our current county commissioners.
However, could it represent the change that the voters, visitors, students of history and residents want? Our elected representatives must address this controversial issue of progress, property rights and takings-prevention.
Time for change. Now.
A temporary stay is in order. Allow time for the legislative officials to review the current laws to better represent the will of the people.
There needs to be a balance between the needs of the community at large, and a single property owner/developer whose decisions directly negatively affect the rest of the community.
Surely, an alternative solution can be created.
The legacy of what happens to Dinosaur Ridge rides on the heads of our current representatives.
Permanency is a long time.
Please don’t allow this pernicious permanency to happen at Dinosaur Ridge.
Sally Barry

Amendment 73 not a good deal for Jeffco
At a family gathering last week, my uncle offered my son change for a ten dollar bill. The problem is my uncle was only going to give my son $7.
Now my son paused a minute and then said, “No thank you” to his uncle. He understood if he had $10 in his hand and was going to get change, only getting $7 back was not a good deal.
Will Jeffco voters see that Amendment 73, the $1.6 billion a year tax increase ìfor educatonî will also take more Jeffco dollars than it will send back to support our students and teachers?
Do Jeffco voters know that under the school finance formula, an at-risk student who lives on the east side of Sheridan and goes to school in Denver gets far more funds for their education than if they went to school in Jeffco on the west side of Sheridan?
How is that fair to Jeffco students? How does that help Jeffco hire and retain the best teachers?
I am all for maing sure there are good schools across the state of Colorado, but I canõt see supporting the largest tax increase ever when it will hurt Jeffco students and teachers.
Vote no on Amendment 73.
Maureen Sielaff

Vote for Dahlkemper for commissioner
Lesley Dahlkemper has earned my support for county commissioner. I first observed Lesley’s leadership when she served as president of the Jeffco school board. In this role she insisted that students be at the center of every decision that was made.
I trust Lesley to be accountable and transparent with the $556 million budget that the commission oversees. It’s a big job, and it requires someone with significant business experience.
Lesley brings 30 years of professional background to the job of county commissioner. She has worked in both the private and nonprofit sectors on both the state and national level.
She has previously served on executive leadership teams responsible for  budgets ranging from $14 million with 45 employees to $1 billion with 14,000 employees (as former president of the Jeffco school board).
I have watched her engage with our community for well over a year in preparation for taking this job, attending every possible public forum to meet and listen to people talking about what matters to them.
She’ll protect our open space, work to advance renewable energy, attract and retain job jobs, address our challenging housing and transportation challenges, and promote safe, livable communities. Lesley has lived in Jeffco for nearly 25 years. She has raised her family here and truly cares about her constituents.
I enthusiastically support Lesley for county commissioner and hope that your readers will join me in casting their votes for Lesley Dahlkemper in this county-wide race.
Terri Taylor Straut

Sanchez for state Senate District 22
As readers prepare to vote this week and next, they should find out what Democrats and Republicans will actually do in office versus what they say they’ll do.
Really, wouldn’t you like to know who will really work for greater economic and personal security for Coloradans?
Tony Sanchez, a Republican, and Brittany Peterson, a Democrat, are running for the open state Senate seat in District 22.
Peterson says she supports schools and kids, but as a representative in State House District 28. she voted against Amendment J.024 to HB 18-1322, which would have added $150 million to school funding generally and $50 million specifically for school safety funding.
She tells a touching story about how her family was impacted by opioid addiction and vows to fight the problem. Yet, as a representative, she supported SB 18-040, a bill to provide clean injection sites for addicts. Is that really helpful?
Also, she was a sponsor on HB 17-1230, which essentially creates a sanctuary for illegal immigrants in Colorado. Doesn’t she not realize that the drugs she hates come into the USA with some of them?
Sanchez does not yet have a voting record, so let’s look at what other people say about him and who endorses him. He says on his website that he will stand up for greater accountability and lower taxes. The National Federation of Independent Business and Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry seem to believe that because they have endorsed him.
Dan Turner, owner of Midas, said about Sanchez: “I have owned and operated Midas for 10 years and been in the industry for 40 years, and I can promise you Tony Sanchez will stand up for small business in Colorado. I supported Tony four years ago, and I absolutely support him now. I am voting for Tony Sanchez to protect the local businesses our community depends on.”
I hope readers will really discern what the candidates are likely to do in office and vote. Personally, after looking at the evidence, I would vote for Tony Sanchez if I were in District 22. I did vote for other Republicans.
Caryn Boddie

Vote no on Jeffco Public Schools bond/mill levy requests
There aren’t too many people who would vote to give investors $150 million in interest payments rather than investing those dollars in public schools. But that is exactly what will happen if Jeffco’s 5B bond issue passes.
According to the language on our ballots, the $567 million bond will cost taxpayer’s nearly $1 billion to pay off. Why? Because the school district is planning to make interest only payments for the first nine years.
That means taxpayers will pay $150 million in interest payments they wouldn’t need to make if the district just paid off the debt like most of us pay off our mortgages, the same amount each year.
Think about how many more school buildings we could improve if that $150 million were actually going to fix our schools. We could rebuild four high schools from the ground up or build five brand new schools or spend $5 million on thirty schools.
But just like we can only borrow so much against our homes, if we say yes to this debt, which will cost nearly a billion dollars to pay off, we have to worry if we will be able to get more debt. With payments for this bond so high in future years will there be any room for raising future funds?
Please vote no on 5B. This is a misguided financing scheme that will waste $150 million on interest payments we don’t need to make. That money should be used to fix our schools.
Deb Eigenbrod