Pikachu accidentally says the F-word on the official Pokemon account –

Pikachu has been a children’s favorite for many years. Pokémon’s Japanese Tiktok account is also based on Pikachu. The platform’s lineup is regularly used for kid-friendly performances by Pikachu. But the last appearance was a complete flop. Pikachu not only had a real voice since Ryan Reynolds, but even he couldn’t get the words out of the lips of Master Detective Pikachu that Pikachu can now put in his mouth on the Japanese Pokémon account. on Tiktok posed. And they were anything but kid-friendly. At Tiktok, you can overlay your short videos with music and sounds for free, and the Pokémon social media guy has gone for the popular kids’ song “If you’re happy and you know it.” which also in the German version is very popular in this country. The interpretation provided by Andy Arthur Smith at Tiktok relies on slightly “optimized” lyrics: “If you’re fucking happy and you know it’s fucking fucking fucking hands.” Whoops. . The video was then deleted fairly quickly, but the damage was done. You can find recordings on Twitter, among other places. The operators of the Japanese account probably don’t speak English. We hope they will not encounter serious problems. But, as Kotaku knows, this isn’t the first time Pikachu hasn’t been completely there. In Detective Pikachu, he said “hell” and “damn,” among other things. via Kotaku, Artwork: Detective Pikachu, Warner Bros. / The Pokémon Company

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