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The year 2022 is coming to an end and the team would like to present their games of the year to you for the eighth time this year. Each day until December 31, select team members will showcase three favorites of 2022 as well as next year’s most anticipated titles – today it’s Pino’s (pixelpino) turn.Pino’s Games of the Year 3rd place: God of War Ragnarok
Prior to 2018, God of War was arguably an unprecedented brutal hack and slay action. We’ve all associated the series with the bloodthirsty god of war, who wreaked vengeance on all of the Olympian gods – quite explicitly. But over the years, the series has faded. After all, there were hardly any casualties for the cold-blooded giant, and many players slowly grew tired of Kratos’ violent excesses. In the simple title “God of War”, the combat system has been revamped and Kratos has also changed from a one-dimensional spirit of revenge to a multi-tiered character. The shared adventure of father and son amazed me emphatically and touched me with intimate character moments. A highlight of my 2018 gaming year. God of War Ragnarök just followed that experience seamlessly. I was once again thrilled with a brilliantly staged story and great characters. In particular, the newcomers – led by the Norse boss Odin – were able to cast a spell over me. And of course “Ragnarök” was also technically beyond doubt. A very good gaming experience! 2nd place: Pokemon Legends: Arceus
The Pokémon Company and Game Freak have been busy again this year with two major releases. The more the merrier, the more the merrier? Well, not necessarily. After all, most of Pokémon Crimson and Purple’s Technical Descent should still hang on the bones. The players gave him a lot of praise – and rightly so. How boring, as the new main offshoots cut a fine figure outside of technology. What the hell is this: My personal Pokémon highlight was at the start of the year! With Pokémon Legends: Arceus, I spent many fun and enjoyable hours during which I was able to get enthusiastically involved in the franchise again. That hadn’t been the case for a long time. Pokémon has been with me since I was little – the first generation was my doorway to the JRPG genre. After the second generation, however, the passion slowly faded and I only watched sporadically when a new offshoot was announced. But “Arceus” captivated me like old times. I was amazed at the happiness of meeting new Pokémon. Just as I was surprised by my newfound interest in collecting. And even supposedly minor innovations – like manually aiming and throwing Pokéballs or being able to move freely in battles – got me more excited than I expected. So a real surprise! Pokemon Legends: Is Arceus perfect? By far not. But I associate a good time and a surprisingly enjoyable experience with the title. A deserved second place! 1st place: Elden Ring
In 2020, FromSoftware has already won a silver trophy in my personal annual review. Two years later, the gold medal follows for a title that has enchanted and captivated me so immensely that it rarely happens to me – the last time was probably Death Stranding in 2019. The speech is of course d ‘Elden Ring. stated in 2020 that I – like so many others – have a soft spot for FromSoftware’s “Souls” titles. Elden Ring has once again fueled this passion with an exceptional gaming experience. After all, the title combines the usual strong gameplay of “Souls” with a fantastic open world that effortlessly eclipses so many other representatives of the genre. Filled with all sorts of challenges and mysteries, The Between Lands awakened the adventurer in me. And to an extent that “Breath of the Wild” has at best managed to do recently. Why? Because he didn’t take me by the hand or overwhelm me with a map full of icons. On the contrary, it gave me the impression of writing my own story. I couldn’t help but explore the world of Elden Ring; measure myself against powerful enemies; search for treasure; to unravel the mysteries. It was a truly magical experience that I still remember fondly. It is therefore not surprising that my fingers always itch to return to the intermediate countries. Maybe I can do it soon (during an expansion). I really want it! Honorable MentionsAnyone who has followed my latest “Top 3” articles knows that three titles is far too little for me!
2022 also offered a whole handful of other great titles that didn’t quite make it to the top, but still inspired me. Square Enix has gone absolutely crazy this year in terms of release frequency. title like Ogre Tactic: RebornThe DioField Chronicle or Crisis core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion I couldn’t even play it. I had a good time with it Triangle Strategy and live alive. On the other hand, I have my “summer vacation” alongside cheeky rascals Shin Chan spent and enjoyed. And most of the hours – apart from Elden Ring – I sank into success Xenoblade Chronicles 3. with bayonet 3 recently there has been the usual entertaining funny face shoot and i am now spending the christmas season with me quite comfortably Chained echoes and Treasures of Dragon Quest. As you can see: I had a great year playing – hope you had the same!Most Wanted 2023
Forward boring choice: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I’ve been looking forward to the title ever since it was announced and luckily there’s now a date – fingers crossed it stays that way. But of course there are many more games that I look forward to: Like a dragon: Ishin! will soon give me the opportunity to fill one of the few gaps in Yakuza that I still have. And of course I’m looking forward to the next offshoot, with the clean title Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Blotted His Name. After the turn-based battles of “Yakuza: Like a Dragon”, I’m itching to actively headbutt again. Also with the remake Resident Evil 4 I will soon be able to return to what I consider to be one of the best games of all time. If the team does a great job like with “Resident Evil 2 Remake”, we’re sure to have a real horror highlight in store. And of course, my role-playing heart would love to be fed too. After the great last impressions too Final Fantasy XVI, can’t wait to swing the sword as Clive Rosfield. And until sea ​​of ​​stars, Chronicle of Eiyuden: One Hundred Heroes and the HD remaster too Suikoden I & II I am also looking forward to it. Looks like 2023 is going to be another great year for gaming! In this spirit: Happy and relaxing holidays to all! The whole JPGames team wishes you a happy new year 2023! Images: SIE, Nintendo / The Pokémon Company, FromSoftware

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