Pixel art versions of Clive and Torgal wow fans •

Pixel art is more popular than ever. While video games are hugely popular these days, it doesn’t take long for talented artists or fans to create pixel art versions or even playable demakes. ahead of the fans. Creative director Kazutoyo Maehiro created a promotional video featuring Clive and Torgal in a pixelated lens, which has now been shown. Today’s annual Final Fantasy XIV mahjong live stream was used as a platform for this, but it’s unclear if the video would be marketed even further. Probably not, because it doesn’t show much more than Clive and Torgal walking through a landscape. In the background you can see a huge mother crystal, this is probably Kazutoyo Maehiro’s small passion. A fan points out that he previously created a similar pixel art video for Final Fantasy XIV. And he also managed to create a cute pixel art version for Final Fantasy XVI, didn’t he? Perhaps the most charming detail of the video isn’t visual in nature. An 8-bit version of the track you hear in the “Revenge” trailer serves as background music. Someone put a lot of effort into it!

The pixel art promo video:

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