Prepare your body for winter with wellness

Our immune system is put to the test, especially on cold days. You can get through the days of flu attacks in good health thanks to a visit to the largest two-storey wellness center in Slovakia – Fire & Water Wellness & Spa in AquaCity Poprad. Many scientists and doctors agree that the most important thing for the proper functioning of the immune system is to get rid of stress. Even though they are different from each other, they cannot exist without each other. Two basic elements of the elements of life – fire and water. The AquaCity Poprad wellness center is built exactly on this concept. Not only sauna and toning enthusiasts will have fun, but also lovers who can enjoy their time in the Bay of Love. During your wellness stay, you can even refresh yourself in the long wellness bar with a selection of healthy juices, wellness drinks or smoothies.

Relax behind closed doors

Fire & Water Wellness & Spa, the largest two-storey wellness center in Slovakia, will delight you with a wide range of exceptional wellness services. Close the door behind you and enjoy the way the drops of sweat run down your body. Breathe in menthol, herbs, wrap yourself in steam or relax your muscles in a dry sauna. At Fire & Water Wellness & Spa, everyone is sure to choose the right relaxation sauna. There are eight types of sauna available. Paradise of smells, infernal steam, Viking fire, emerald secret, Himalayan purification, infrared and ceremonial sauna will relax your body to the maximum.

Sauna experiences

At AquaCity Poprad, you’ll find there’s more to sauna use than sweating and staring at the ceiling. Special sauna experiences such as sauna ceremonies, rituals and peelings will be prepared for you by experienced sauna masters. The thematic sauna show is accompanied by a pleasant aroma, music, lighting and cannot do without a story. Literally fifteen minutes of relaxing pleasure await you. Photo gallery You can also find perfect rest in the wellness area. Source: AquaCity Poprad

snow cave

Much has already been said about the proper use of the sauna. After getting your circulation going, you’ll enjoy cooling off in a real ice cave. At a temperature of -14 degrees C, you can refresh your passion and even enjoy the snowfall. For the less daring, the wellness center has a tropical rain and arctic bear pool.

bay of love

Privacy is something that everyone will definitely appreciate when staying at a wellness resort. Dive into the Secret Lagoon, with plenty of wellness gadgets and 33°C water. In the pleasant darkness, you can try the whole range of hydromassage water attractions, gargoyles, whirlpools, jets, beads, a bottom jet with handles for perfect blood circulation to the feet, or aquatic mushrooms, which stimulate the acupuncture points all over the body and thus contribute to its relaxation and regeneration. The combination of hot water, floating and hydromassage simultaneously improves blood circulation, relieves pain, relaxes muscles and the whole body. That’s why you should definitely not miss the heavenly jacuzzi during your visit. What you will certainly not find in any other wellness center under the Tatras is the bay of love. Romantic corners with massage chairs are made for love. Zátoka lásky is a place that is the crown of a private pool. However, beware! The entrance to the bay of love is reserved for lovers! Photo gallery Prepare your body for winter with wellness. Source: AquaCity Poprad

An unforgettable experience

If you want to pamper your body further, a massage center is also available. Relaxing, aromatic, sporty, Indian, Hawaiian. In AquaCity you can choose up to twelve types of massage, and under the hands of the best masseurs you can recharge your lost energy and relieve your body of stress. Professional services, a pleasant environment and tailor-made massages are the path to health. The modern and timeless design of the entire wellness center, the efficient colored lighting and the golden tiles of the saunas will delight all eyes and guarantee an unforgettable experience.

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