Purple and purple cards are finally coming to Europe –

Having already received a number of exciting new designs from Japan, The Pokémon Company has also specified the trading card game’s first excursion to Paldea for Europe. Mechanics, first packaging designs and other details were presented. The new expansion, aptly named “Crimson and Purpur”, will (also) be released in Germany on March 31, 2023. gameplay, including an updated Pokémon-ex mechanic and, of course, Tera Crystal Pokémon. The Pokémon-ex mechanic is based on Pokémon with high HP and powerful attacks and abilities. The Pokémon Company introduces the mechanical update like this: Unlike Pokémon-EX from the Black & White and XY series, which were all Basic Pokémon, Pokémon-EX from the Crimson & Crimson series can be Basic, Level 1 – or be Phase 2 Pokémon. Although Pokémon-ex are powerful, your opponent also takes two Prize cards if one of them is KO’d Inspired by the Tera Crystallises from the video games, Pokémon-ex Tera Crystal have unique embossed artwork that showcases their Tera types. Additionally, there are high-quality embossed Pokémon cards in simple poses and bright colors. Fan-acclaimed Pokémon with the new “Rare Art” and “Rare Special Art” rarities are also included, along with entire evolution chains in similar stages. . Many fans also found these “Life Stories” to be very successful. The expansion’s standout cards include: 12 dual rare Pokémon-ex, including two Tera Crystal Pokémon-ex (Arcane and Gyarados) 12 ultra-rare Pokémon-ex and eight ultra-rare supporter cards 24 Pokémon and art supporters rare 10 rare- Pokemon and supporters to special art Six hyper rare golden cards, including Pokemon-ex, Trainers and Energy As always, the new Crimson and Crimson expansion will be available in different flavors, including booster packs, Elite boxes Trainer and special collections. See early packaging designs below. You can already find many cards from the upcoming expansion in our Pokémon Trading Card Game article archive. Artwork: Pokémon TCG, The Pokémon Company

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