Rare Fire Emblem amiibo are available again to celebrate Fire Emblem Engage –

For the release of Fire Emblem Engage, Nintendo is re-releasing various amiibo figures from the Fire Emblem and Smash Bros. collections. A procedure that we also know in other franchises. Various amiibo are once again available at the normal price in the My Nintendo Store. Some of them were no longer available in stores or only available at overpriced prices. You’ll get: Chrome Corrin Celica Alm Lucina Daraen Ike Marth…and more! So the perseverance of patient amiibo collectors has paid off here. Already the second big chance for amiibo collectors today. Old Zelda amiibo have already appeared in stores. If you don’t want to miss stuff like this, be sure to follow Nerdy Deals 24/7 on Twitter. Imaging: Fire Emblem Engage, Nintendo, Intelligent Systems

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