Ritter's union move will be divisive

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By Brad Bradberry

It’s getting tougher and tougher to write this column. Not because I have cancer, but because I simply don’t get around much anymore. I seldom stop by the newspaper, so I have little idea of what’s going on ee you know, the background stuff. Oh, I still read the paper, but nothing beats hanging around the newsroom, or talking with friends. That’s where the really good ideas come from.

The illness plays a part. For one thing, it’s hard to get your mind off it and onto column material. For another, I sometimes simply am not physically up to doing it, particularly when there’s little to nothing I have to say.

So you’re stuck with my drivel once again.

• • •

No one has been a bigger fan of Bill Ritter than I, but I’m extremely disappointed in his government by fiat where state unions are concerned. As one of my friends said, “I don’t see any shortage of applicants when it comes to applying for a state government job.” So where does Ritter get off single-handedly making it possible for state workers to unionize, thereby driving up the cost of already generous wages. And to think that surely as a rainbow follows the rain, the quality of services will gradually diminish. Ain’t a pot o’ gold in that formula.

That he would so blatantly sell out to the unions with no input from the legislature may help seal the fate of Democrats running for office next time, and the chances are good that he’s made himself into a one-term governor.

How can a man so smart get so stupid all of a sudden?

• • •

Well, while my situation isn’t great, I wouldn’t swap with Mike Shanahan following Sunday’s drubbing by the Lions. I’m a huge college football fan and could care less about the pros, but I’ve never been in a town, particularly one so large, that lives and dies with its team.

In college football most of the fans have a common bond: the school they attended. But what is the common bond that holds Bronco fans together? That they live in Denver?

Oh well, the two Big Newspapers to the East are crying in their beer because they’ll not have any revenue from special sections that are printed when the Broncos head for the playoffs. That’s OK, though. They got theirs off the Rockies, for whom you can bet that no special sections were budgeted.

• • •

Well, congratulations to you for sticking it out through this column. I never cease to be amazed at how I can write so much of nuthin’.

Brad Bradberry is the former publisher of Evergreen Newspapers.