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The year 2022 is coming to an end and the team would like to present their games of the year to you for the eighth time this year. Each day until December 31, select members of the team will feature three favorites of 2022 as well as next year’s most anticipated titles – today it’s Robert’s turn. Robert’s Games of the Year 3rd place: Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun
Sunbreak left me a little more disappointed this year than I thought. However, for me it also works under the motto “complain at a high level”. Because in the end it remains a good extension, which only has a somewhat long start to the game. It gives me tons of new content, lots to grind, so I’ve put many hours into it already. And while you’re reading this here, I’m probably sitting at the console again and getting some armor or weapon or trying out the various event quests. There is no proper ending. Digimon Survive
With Digimon Survive, a game was released this year that some probably still believe hasn’t been released yet. After all the postponements and non-existent marketing, that wouldn’t be surprising. However, players should know that Survive exists! It’s a pretty good game, at least if you know what you’re getting into. Although the trailers hint at some SRPG part, it’s more of a visual novel. Essentially, you’re replaying your own season of Digimon, complete with all the emotions that go with it. The story is drawn in a typical Japanese way, but offers good character development, different plots that can themselves be influenced, and therefore different endings. Moreover, the combat system is quite decent and a nice pixel look seems to greet you. Everything is accompanied by atmospheric sounds. I don’t regret having played it as a fan and I hope for a sequel! Hopefully then with even more Digimon. Pokemon Legends: Arceus
I can’t believe it, but a Pokémon game isn’t just in my top 3, it’s number 1 on this list, ahead of Digimon and Monster Hunter. If someone had predicted this to me last year, I would still have bet against it. The reason is the previous main series, which once again robbed me of my last motivation for the franchise with Alpha Sapphire and I finally wanted to finish the series. I also wasn’t particularly excited after the first Pokémon Legends trailers. After all, these were already choppy and the areas didn’t look particularly detailed either. But luckily the reviews were able to change my mind and for good reason the game doesn’t look good at times, feels like a prototype and once again has far too long a story. Nevertheless, I developed as much pleasure from playing as I knew from my childhood. The reason for this is simply the fact that you wished or imagined a lot of things when you were a child. Freely explore with your own Pokemon, see Pokemon in the wild and catch them at the same time, or just go exploring. Although the game is very winded and technically not at all standard, it still gives off a nice atmosphere in which I was happy to let myself penetrate. Especially since the decor and the graphic style work very well. I can always go back to the old Sinnoh region, unlike Paldea. Most Wanted 2023 Maybe 2023 will finally be the year I buy a PlayStation 5. After all, with Final Fantasy XVI and probably Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, two big titles will appear on the console. After the first FF7R already convinced me, I now want to continue playing it. Additionally, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will finally be released with a fixed May release date. Fortunately, I have already planned my vacation during this period. May 2023 is welcome! The whole JPGames team wishes you a happy new year 2023! Images: Capcom, Bandai Namco, The Pokémon Company/Nintendo

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