Saudi Arabia continues to invest in Nintendo and is now one of the main shareholders –

Saudi Arabia has now increased its stake in Nintendo to over 6%, as reported by Reuters. According to Reuters, the Saudi Public Investment Fund has increased its stake to exactly 6.07%, making it one of Nintendo’s largest shareholders. about 500 billion US dollars. In May, Saudi Arabia had already obtained 5.01% of Nintendo shares through this fund, which corresponded to the equivalent of approximately 3 billion US dollars. Nintendo then said that it had learned of the purchases from actions than by the news. At the time, no one wanted to comment on individual shareholders and there is still no statement on the new share purchases. According to reports, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is using the fund to make the economy of the country less dependent on oil production. Saudi Arabia is repeatedly criticized. It is not for nothing that those who google the country for “reviews” will see the sites of Amnesty International and Human Rights as the first hits. The Public Investment Fund has repeatedly invested in companies in the Asian video game industry in recent years. . This year alone, Capcom and Nexon were also invested with more than 5% each. The crown prince now owns 96% of SNK. Besides Japan, the Saudi fund has also invested in US companies like Electronic Arts and Take-Two, reports VGC.via VGC, Images: Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

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